Best Cigalikes For Vapers In 2017

Find the best cigalike brands of 2017 here. We are keeping it short and sweet, and we have tried many, many different brands of mini e-cigs!

What’s new in the world of Cigalikes for 2017? Not a lot as far as mini cig technology, flavors, or brands are concerned.

Vapers might see a few brands try their hand at finding a place in the sea of e cig giants, but they will probably get swallowed up in a hurry. There isn’t really any room left and the big brands are too well established.

Maybe later, when FDA rulings and guidelines are clear, competition will heat-up again. For now, things are similar to the way we left them in 2016 and even in 2015 except that their chart positions have changed, that’s all.

Best Cigalike Brands Of 2017

V2 Cigs has been a dominant force in the mini cig landscape with their standard starter kits.

They have a basic two piece design, with the battery and flavor cartridges, with a nice, simple selection of flavors to choose from, so this is very newb friendly.

One aspect of their devices is that they are realistic, particularly their t0bacco flavors, but also the amount of vaopor produced, along with the hit in the back of your throat.

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The JUUL by Pax Labs has crept in to steal a bit of the market.



Their thumb drive-style e cig is probably the biggest innovation since e cigs became two-part technology.

These e cigs are among the smallest and most impressive even though they eschew the cylinder shape, perhaps because of their stealthy format.

This is a very popular brand, and despite it not really resembling a cigarette-shape, we felt it was worth mentioning in this context, as it isn’t too far off, and they are innovative.


Otherwise, the V’s top our charts: V2 and VaporFi. Halo, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, Apollo, Eversmoke, and White Cloud are also doing well along with the endearing Vapor4Life brand and their personable founder, Steve “Smilin” Milin. Somewhere in the mix, Blu is still holding their own, neither a top brand nor a has-been.


Disposable E Cigs

This area of the industry stands out because several of the top brands don’t even make disposable mini cigs, which leaves room for some other names to find their footing with brand new vapers.

NJOY makes one of the best known and most respected one-time e cigs and has done so for several years.

NJOY Daily Disposables

White Cloud’s reputation is strong with the Fling, available in a substantial list of flavors. Blu is better known for their disposable mini cigs than for starter kits in the current race it would seem, while firms such as Halo, VaporFi, and Green Smoke don’t even enter the competition: they only make rechargeable systems. Disposables are often a vaper’s first introduction to cigalikes.

Cigalikes or eGos

It’s confusing for new vapers, I know. Some of the brands above are listed among top e cig companies but they are better known for eGos and advanced mods.

VaporFi is particularly popular among advanced vapers rather than the newbie with his heart set on an analog-style vape. They only carry a single starter kit, The Express, which operates like other cigalikes and is about the same quality as a South Beach Smoke or Eversmoke product.

All of these are related to a single parent company, by the way, so their cigalikes are virtually identical. Halo’s G6 is just as good and the V2 Classic or EX Series would satisfy a new vaper equally well but with more refill flavors.

Then again, Halo, VaporFi, Apollo, and South Beach Smoke are all featured in the APV market. Apollo, like VaporFi, has veered away from cigalikes, offering just one kit for beginners after starting strong with mini cigs for new vapers.

Mini Cig Flavor Options

This area of the industry has remained frustratingly static in recent years. After South Beach Smoke released additional flavors of pre-filled cartridges, not much else happened. Vapor4Life has always sold a wide assortment of WOW cartridges.

Halo released Devlin, a variety of sweet caramel e juice, but it’s not in their line-up of 8 pre-filled cartridges. V2’s series of 12 flavors has been periodically augmented by limited edition styles. It’s typical for this list to be short in most instances compared with possible e juice flavors.

But that’s the beauty of brands like Halo and VaporFi who make blank cartridges. Confident mini cig users can refill their cartridges with flavors of their own choosing.

At VaporFi, particularly, this provides an opportunity to enjoy a stunning and huge array of personally chosen blends, thanks to their custom e juice option.

Halo’s award-winning e liquid menu expands considerably when you look at bottles rather than cartridges, containing one of the most impressive selections of tobacco and menthol styles around. At Apollo they make some wonderful flavors too.

Saving Money with Cigalikes

One complaint about cigalikes is that they aren’t really cost effective in the true sense. You can save a few dollars monthly over cigarettes by choosing this method, but not hundreds of dollars annually.

There are several ways to make vaping in this style cheaper:

One is to buy a starter kit which saves you up to 20% off the cost of individual pieces. Another is to purchase blank cartridges as soon as you can and refill these with e juice, not necessarily the same brand, but that’s up to you.

Make sure there is more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin and cartridge life is optimized. Make use of reward points, purchasing items with your points or using these to secure discounts.

Buy manual cigalike batteries as these aren’t losing power all the time. Automatic ones are on standby and draining a little bit constantly. Research brands and don’t pay the top price for cigalike kits. You should be able to find a 2-battery set or build one from two sets for $30 or less.

Fading Brands

The names on the top 10 chart don’t change a lot from year to year, not anymore. A few brands have fallen by the wayside and are hardly ever heard of like Nutricigs, Bull Smoke, and Cigavette.

You rarely come across 21st Century Smoke online in a search for assorted starter kits or even 777 which was doing pretty well in 2015. Smokeless Image and Fin aren’t making many waves either.

There are loads of others which could be on the top 10 list but haven’t managed to make the grade due to poor quality, uninspired flavors, low battery power, or insufficient marketing.

Prices get in the way too with some firms holding fast to their higher pricing strategies for too long and paying their own high price with lost sales.

Volcano isn’t on this list anymore at all, not in the top 10 or top 20, since the Magma has been phased out. They simply don’t make a cigalike any longer.