Halo G6 Review – Super Popular Cig-A-Like

Every vaper has to start somewhere, and the G6 by Halo Cigs offers an excellent platform for launching yourself into the business of rechargeable vaping. Halo Cigs makes only one starter kit format with a few customizable features, so check it out today.

The Halo G6 Mini Cig Starter Kit

This is the standard kit which is beginning to appear somewhat expensive at $44.99 since rivals South Beach Smoke and a few others began to slash prices. If Halo could do a single thing better than they already are, they could review their pricing policies.

As for the set, this is beautiful. You get two 78-mm batteries of 280mAh each, automatic, with 5 flavor cartridges and a charging set. The batteries are available in 9 colors which look shiny and hard but are actually comfortably finished in a soft material. Eleven pre-filled flavors start at 6 mg/ml nicotine rising by increments of 6 mg to 24 mg of nicotine.

Colors include Demon Red, Princess Pink, and Titanium. Among their flavors are Torque 56 Tobacco, HX3, SubZero, and Belgian Cocoa.

There is another alternative too: buy 5 blank cartridges instead. These atomized e liquid vessels can be filled with any flavor of e juice you want, and there are more styles available in bottled form, all of them quality styles made in the USA by Halo. This gives you the opportunity of using nicotine-free e juice too, but they must be replaced regularly.

A black carry case boasting the G6 logo helps prevent losing these small pieces of equipment and keeps them clean.

Accessories for the Halo G6 Mini Cig Kit

Expand your set by adding batteries of multiple sizes. The other two possibilities are smaller (65 mm/180mAh) and larger (102 mm/380mAh) respectively. With these different battery sizes it is possible to more closely emulate the style of smoking you were accustomed to, with perhaps short or king-size analogs.

E cigs are not a perfect match, even with their glowing tips, but they come close. When viewing accessories and replacements, notice that button-operated manual cigs are available and more efficient than automatic ones.

Replace blanks from several choices such as regular replacements, low-resistance blanks which produce more vapor, XL tanks, or clear Mini Tanks holding 0.9 ml of e juice.

This last option comes in 6 colors or totally plain and uses a coil system similar to that of the more sophisticated Triton by Halo. In other words, you can expect to produce thicker, perhaps tastier vapor.

Features of the G6 System

Halo promises long-lasting battery life which should be around 5 hours or so, longer if you upgrade to XL cells. Their Thermoglow heating system is said to provide smooth and consistent performance. Flameguard protects your e juice and the overall result by preventing burning which really ruins e juice vapor.

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