Juul Review – Best Selling Mini E Cig product

The Pax is a popular, impressive, portable, herbal vaporizer you would call a “pen-vape.” It contains a rechargeable battery, which is built in, and is used exclusively with dry herbs. Vapers enjoyed its sturdy build, compact shape, reliable power, and tasty vapor.

The Juul by Pax is an entirely new item with looks that are completely different from the original Pax; if you look closer, it would appear like the adopted brother of the family. It’s not even an herbal vaporizer. Its manufacturer refers to the Juul as an e cig.

Think of a container for holding lead for a mechanical pencil. Enlarge this item only slightly. Now you know what the Juul by Pax will look like and what to look for when it is released in June, if you aren’t too late to find a single example of it on shelves anywhere.

I have a strong feeling there will be a lot of back-orders. When connected to your laptop’s USB port, the Juul resembles a memory drive. With its compact dimensions, it will not take up much room or dangle awkwardly but sits there comfortably like it belonged all the time.

Vapor by the Metric Ton

That could be an exaggeration, but preliminary results are promising. Pax released a chart showing relative vapor production between cigarettes, e cigs, and their Juul. The Juul performs impressively. In other words, real herbs are far better than e liquid in the vapor stakes.

Real Herbs

What sets Juul vapor apart from e liquid? The makers extracted salts from nicotine which they believe are the key to a more authentic flavor. That is what you don’t find in e liquid. With the Juul, you not only achieve more vapor and a greater throat hit but the flavor is as close to that of a real cigarette as you will ever experience without actually smoking. Then again, vapers enjoy many more e liquid flavors.

They have their own unique flavor refills like nothing else out there:

Carefully Controlled

The Juul features internal temperature control to regulate your herbs. This is in contrast to many vaporizers which tend to burn herbs. Many herbal pen vaporizers are simply electronic combustion devices, but that is surely not the case with the Juul.

Check the Battery

Lights and screens and displays aren’t for the makers of this e cig: they go for stealth. And the way it works is to just tap it and your battery charge will become apparent. Okay, that’s high-tech.

Magnetized USB

V2 Cigs did this with their Pro Series vaporizer: creating a magnetic connection between the battery base and USB charger as well as a removable cartridge. It’s not really a new idea; in fact, it is being adopted by numerous companies for assorted reasons.

Magnets are not like threads which lose their smoothness over time or refuse to sit flush sometimes. Magnetic chargers/batteries/cartridges are also proprietary. You can only use one brand and are tied to that combination of items in order to keep operating whichever device is on the table.

In this case, the magnetic USB charger for your Juul will only work with the Juul and you can’t recharge the internal power source by using any other charger you already happen to own.

Starter Kits for the Juul

They haven’t been released yet, but these narrow, pillar-shaped e cigs will be featured in starter kits costing about $50 as of June, at which time they are sure to sell out quickly.

These kits will contain 4 cartridges, a battery that’s good for 200 puffs, a USB charger, and the device itself. Cartridges come in the following four flavors: Bruule, Miint, Fruut, and Tabaac.

Impressions from the Inside

Insiders — people with the privilege of trying a Juul by Pax before it is released to the general public — have this to say about the device: “wow.” In the eyes of many pundits, this could be the first e cig that is really and truly impressive, so it sounds a lot as though nothing has ever impressed these people before.

Maybe they really liked some of the adjustable or mechanical mods they have used previously but quickly forgot how true that was when they picked up a Juul. If so, it must be a fantastic item. Memories shouldn’t fade that fast.

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