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The Volt e cig is a bit of an urban legend in some places where even general e cig vendors carry it to great acclaim. That is in spite of the fact that most all-purpose vape shops either sell nothing less powerful than an eGo or they only carry generic mini cigs if any, usually just disposables or e-hookahs.

The Volt by Smokeless Image is unusual, then, owing to its inclusion among higher-power products. Perhaps one reason for this is that Smokeless Image carries their goods at prices competitive with generic KR808D-1 batteries and cartomizers.

Smokeless Image Review

For a while there I was getting worried about Smokeless Image. They had not made any adjustments to their website for so long I wondered if they had gone into hibernation.

In the past month, however, they have made additions and changes to their product selection and have also updated their website. It remains bold and simple to navigate, and the good news is that prices have not increased.

Spend $55 or more and goods are shipped free of charge to any address in the United States. Meanwhile, you are earning valuable rewards points just by remaining a customer and placing regular orders with the company.

Manage to submit large enough orders every time and you will save the cost of shipping while quickly watching a kind of vaping bank account increase in value. Spend points at Smokeless Image.

Volt Starter Kits

I usually say “don’t bother with one-battery starter kits” but this is different. This is Smokeless Image where the notion of charging $20 for a 1-battery starter is anathema.

I can’t understand how this one company out of dozens manages to sell their gear so cheaply but the rest of the crew packs on the pennies. It is not like Volt e cigs are a load of rubbish. They are actually rather good.

A Zip Kit uses a battery that looks like a Zippo lighter and costs $25 with 4 refills.

The Volt Pack featuring a single battery, USB charger, and 2 refills is priced $9.95; the same price as many brands of disposable e cig. Buy the Basic kit with the same configuration but 3 more cartomizers and pay $13.95.

Add a second battery and a wall adapter for $9 more. For $29.95, you get the Pro kit: like a Standard, except with a portable charging case.

Choose the Premium kit, their biggest, and that comes with two batteries, 10 cartomizers, a PCC, and the charging set. A pass-through battery is also thrown in for use with a laptop, gaming device, or portable charging bank like the MVP (see below).

These gradations represent the starter kit format at its best and pricing gets a definite nod of approval. Customize your choices with cartomizer flavors and strengths that sound good.

Cartomizer Replacements at Volt

Each 5-pack, blank or filled, costs $5.95. That is about $1.20 per ml and a little more than half the price of most examples such as V2 Cigs (or less than half when compared to VaporFi, South Beach Smoke, Cigavette, or Eversmoke). Flavors include Cappuccino, 555 Tobacco, Cherry, Chocolate, and lots more. Refill the blanks with e liquid by Smokeless Image or NicQuid juices.

E Liquid at Smokeless Image

Things have changed. You still get to pick between house liquid and NicQuid, but now there are far more choices from NicQuid. Their website lists 4 series of juices: Bliss (desserts), Blast (fruits), Blends (tobacco), and Burst (menthol). They are featured here.

House juice is $6.95 per 30 ml and I say “house juice” loosely because I don’t know where these are made. When someone charges so little for e liquid (probably the cheapest price per ml available), it probably comes from a Chinese factory.

It might be made in the USA but then Smokeless Image would announce that fact as well as any connections to USP ingredients. Since they do not, let’s guess that their liquid is not USP-grade or produced in an FDA-approved facility using American ingredients. They have this in common with V2 Cigs but VaporFi and South Beach Smoke sell American liquid. Choose zero nicotine or up to 2.4% at Volt.

NicQuid, however, is made under rigorously controlled conditions using only the finest US, USP ingredients in an American facility. They also charge more than Smokeless Image does for their liquid: $4.89 for 5 ml, with decreasing amounts per ml when customers buy bigger bottles. There are fewer nicotine options but better quality and traceable standards.

Replacing Batteries

This is the part I like best; where I do not have to pay $20 for a mini cig replacement battery. They come in two sizes (65 mm or 78 mm) but milliamp hours are not indicated. These roughly correspond with 180 mAh and 240 mAh batteries sold elsewhere as far as size goes. Choose a vivid shade of purple or a conservative black for $7.95, automatic or manual.

High-Powered Gear

Smokeless Image does not stop there. You can buy a clearomizer for your mini cig or choose a product with variable voltage and possible variable wattage plus bigger clearos. Kits are packaged with a battery and 1.6-ml clearomizer at reasonable prices. The Volt MVP 2.0 Innokin knock-off is now on sale, probably because version 3.0 was released and they need to make room.

Recommended Brand

I have no trouble recommending Volt e cigs to customers if they are starting out and this is the first e cig they ever try. Another choice is disposables rather than starter kits: $5.95 each for Menthol with a blue tip or Country Tobacco with a red tip, 1.8%. It’s hard to find anything of quality any cheaper so why not stop here?

There is a good chance that if, for some reason, you do not like their set up, it’s not a big deal; you’ll be trying eGos soon anyway. A lot of American vapers really enjoy Volt e cigs and their accessories. They appreciate having so much choice from a US company.


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