The Magic Mist Review

The format for The Magic Mist products is this: they sell their own gear, but they also look after customers using other brands of e cigs. A few years ago, the conversation started: what if you like one product’s battery but not their cartomizers?

Say you really like the flavor, throat hit, ingredients, and price of cartomizers but batteries are over-priced, experience unacceptable voltage drop, and lose their charge too quickly?

You couldn’t really mix up products: one part from South Beach Smoke with another part from Halo. They were threaded differently leading to the frustration of being glued to a single brand or buying both for the trade-off. This made some people really mad.

The Magic Mist Review

What The Magic Mist did was to start selling versions of all the major e cigs you can purchase: cartomizers, batteries, and chargers. Headings along the left side of their website show you how to go about searching for products.

Explore items compatible with V2 Cigs, VaporFi, or Blu. Consider items that work with LOGIC, Green Smoke, or NJOY. That leaves dozens of others: Eversmoke, Eonsmoke, Volcano, and White Cloud among them.

Every major brand is listed, but also mentioned under headings showing compatible devices. From here, you will see which units Eonsmoke e cigs work with and which can be attached to White Cloud e cigs, etc.

At the same time, The Magic Mist promises to be cheaper by anything from 5% to 30%. You know yourself that replacement batteries for mini cigs can cost as much as $20, even more. That savings is significant.

Just Mini Cigs

When you browse compatible products, The Magic Mist is referring specifically to compatible mini cigs. I’m talking about cigalikes; low-power, low-volt, unregulated batteries.

They hold their charge for a few hours, maybe 5 at the most and usually put out between 3.7 volts and 4.2 volts. The Magic Mist sells both individual pieces and starter kits under headings like Bristol, Geneva, and Mirage. It’s under these headings you learn which brands work together.

The Magic Mist Products

Cigavette is one company that sells pre-filled cartomizers in large sizes for eGo-style batteries. The Magic Mist is another. There are not too many of these businesses around but they make a difference to customers ready to tackle bigger batteries but not prepared for the messy learning curve of refilling tanks.

Usually, a vaper gets to the stage where a manual battery is his first choice and he attaches a refillable clearomizer. He fills this with the juice of his choice thereby saving money (cartomizers are really expensive). Pre-fills make his life simpler.

The Magic Mist kits are screwless; snap-in units, like Blu Cigs, without threading. The EZ-Fit is an eGo style cig sold in packages for $20 or $25 with a charger, pre-filled clearomizer, or with blanks and e liquid.

Choose tobacco or menthol or go to the e liquid section and select a new flavor. Pre-filled options measure 2.4 ml and come in three strengths: none of them zero.

That’s okay: e liquid fills in the blanks. Designed to be attractive in their own right, you are going to like the sleek appearance of EZ-Fit clearomizers.

The Magic Mist e liquid in 10-ml bottles costs $5.45 and the zero-nicotine option is here too, plus a 6-mg option. Choose Apple, Tobacco, Green Mint, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee, Blueberry, or Banana.

Features of the Company

The Magic Mist is offering 20% off for new customers, free shipping for orders over $25, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

All of this tells me a few things. One is that they are confident you will return as a customer and buy more stuff. Two is that shopping here, with all things considered, can be a very affordable experience.

How can you fail to spend $25 at a sitting when you have to buy juice or new tanks regularly? Their rewards program contributes to the money-saving possibilities.

Third is that customer service is important to the people at The Magic Mist. They are featured on Angie’s List after all and that says a lot about the company: how they treat customers, shipping, pricing, and quality. They ship worldwide, provide numerous ways to get in touch, and their website is very easy to use.

Not many Negatives

There are only a few things to say about The Magic Mist that are not completely glowing. One is that their website is not as slick as some I have seen out there. I felt a bit like I was entering the website for Innokin or another Chinese company: it was without character and I missed that.

At least they did not sacrifice clarity for color and design and believe me, I much prefer being able to see where I am going than enjoying the artistic merits of website designers with no pity for real people using a site.

Not all of their products are cheaper. In particular, The Magic Mist e juice is not a discount product. Customers will find more selection and better pricing from people like Vista Vapors, Mount Baker Vapor, and VaporFi, although the last company only sells 30-ml bottles.

I’m making very small points here. Even items at discount stores (like Walmart and the Dollar Store) are sometimes pricier per/volume or weight than the same items sold by other companies. That is where they make up some of the loss.

Customers shop for the bargains, and while there pick up other things they were looking for just because it’s convenient. Don’t blame The Magic Mist for working on the same principle; it is up to customers to do their own research.


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